Construction Monitoring

During the construction process it is advisable to monitor and record the ground conditions encountered to verify that they are as expected  (in many respects the construction monitoring stage can be likened to the final phase of the site investigation).  If conditions vary, then adjustments can be made to the design to suit the conditions, as necessary.

In road construction projects construction monitoring techniques can be used to verify

  • rockhead levels in cuttings
  • check the excavatability, geological structure and stability of the cuttings
  • verify the foundation conditions for structures
  • check thickness of unsuitable materials  and road formation (CBR) characteristics

In piling (and anchoring works) construction monitoring can be used to confirm the length of piles or the suitability of rock in the anchor (socket) zone.  In rock face stabilisation works it can be used to optimise the position of rock bolts or anchors.